And the President came…

It started like a rumour. The President was going to open a market in the Wuye district of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. We laughed it off; it could not be true. The President? open a mere market? In a quiet suburb of Abuja? But the day came and it turned out to be true. The sirens blared, the convoy came, and the fanfare usually associated with the President’s entourage happened; the President was in the neighbourhood, to open a market, no less.
And tongues started to wag; why would the President stoop to that level? what is so special about this market? What happened to the local government chairman? or the minister of market affairs, women affairs, or whoever? Was it just a free day for the President and he decided to come and open a market? Did he have some special interest in the market? Could it be that his wife has an interest in the place as being speculated?
Whatever the reason, I do not think it is particularly expedient for the President to be the one to inaugurate a market; not now with all the weighty issues before us as a Nation. There are people who should do that; even the first lady could have done that without the presence of Mr. President.
It did have one positive side-effect though; the access road into Wuye which has been under construction for several years was quickly tidied up so the President would not have to wade through several kilometres of dust, bumps and potholes. Days before the big event, the road was tarred up to ninety per cent and the untarred portion was smoothened and watered to make it nice and motorable.
Now the market is open to the general public; of course there’s hardly any shop open there yet but that’s alright, it’s open. Now we can all shop, or at least we can hope to shop there in the next three years, or maybe not. The work on the road has slowed down and the dust is back, but that’s alright too. I’m not sure the President is coming back here in a hurry, his work is done. Or is it?

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