Some things in this country never cease to amaze me. How do politicians live with their consciences for instance? This weekend I had to go to Makurdi for an assignment; it was my first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was a largely agricultural society famous for its yams and fruits. I was looking forward to seeing the mighty Benue river and maybe taking some good photographs. The one thing I didn’t prepare for was the level of poverty I saw almost everywhere. The grass and mud huts I saw with my own two eyes was like something from the fifteenth century! How could this level of poverty still be visible so close to a state capital in Nigeria in 2013? How is it possible? The number three man in this country is from Benue state and the road to Makurdi is bad? And he has been there since 1999?

They have a Governor who goes to church? And drives cars? And lives in mansions? Will someone please tell the Governor to go on a ride around his state? He should use his security vote to build houses for these people. He can build a hundred basic homes a month from his security vote! What is wrong with our people? How come these politicians keep getting into and remaining in power? mshewwww

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