A hundredfold Return?

Genesis 26:12 says “Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year hundredfold.” I have heard this scripture quoted in and out of context countless number of times. We make declarations of a hundredfold return in every area of life. Very well, maybe we will. But do you notice that there are several factors and several learning points in this scripture that lead to the hundredfold return?

Let us examine them:

  1. There was a famine in the land. Things were hard and relocating was the economically expedient thing to do
  2. He heard from God, which means he probably talked to God too
  3. He chose to obey God and remain in the famine-stricken land, probably against “better judgment”
  4. He sowed in that land. He planted his seed (money, crops, labour) in that same land
  5. He reaped in the SAME YEAR a hundredfold! How was that possible?

Now we will break the points down and try to apply them to us today.

If you are a Nigerian reading this you know we are in one of the harshest times ever in recent years. The times we are in, nobody should be blamed for moving to “Egypt.” But can you do like Isaac did? Listen to God; tune in and tune out the noise of the environment for a beat. Listen well, ask God for directions, examine the spiritual truths before the economic facts. What is God saying to you? Not the stock market or the exchange rate but God Almighty.

Obey what you hear from above. It may not make sense to others but hold tightly to what you have heard. This is no time to be spiritually unstable. When my family made the move from Lagos to Abuja some years ago it was at the worst possible time and everyone knew it was a “stupid” move. But we did anyway because we were sure God had asked us to move. Every day now, we are grateful to God that we were “stupid” then.

Isaac sowed. He did not sit down to bemoan his fate. He did not beg Abimelech for sustenance. He worked. He planted, maybe he took on menial jobs to survive but he did something. You must put your money where your faith is. “Faith without works is dead.” What are you sowing? Money? Time? Your intellect? Skills? There must be seed in the ground in whatever form if you hope to harvest. I don’t believe there is nothing you can do. Volunteer your time and talent for free if it comes to it. I have done it before and I still do it. Join a network marketing company and sell something. Don’t say you don’t like network marketing, you are network-marketing every day, you may as well get paid to do it. Don’t say you don’t have money, contact me, I will direct you to where you can earn money if you are willing to work hard.

Finally, start right away. Isaac could not have reaped a hundredfold if he waited till July before sowing. This is January, what plans have you made for the year? What goals do you have written down? Note, I said ‘written.’ You must write it down. You must have a plan no matter what. Don’t just pray, plan, plan, plan. “Write the vision down, make it plain on tablets that those who see it may run with it..” Habakkuk 2:2. God’s plan is written down for all to see. The country has a constitution as a guide and every year there is a budget. Why not you? If you do not know how to plan or budget, ask for help. Those who ask questions do not miss the way.

My you reap a hundredfold!


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