Are you photogenic? 

I am not a photogenic person. By that I mean I don’t look good in photographs. If you see any nice picture of me then it was probably taken when I  was not expecting the click of the camera. And I know the reason for this. 

I am very shy in front of the camera, always have been. It has always held a silent threat to me. The threat of exposing all my flaws to the world to see. And somehow when I sit in front of the camera,  it captures,  not my real face but my inner fears. 
But I’m cool with it now. Because I know something the camera does not know. I live with the real off-camera me. I see her everyday. She lives with me all day and all night. I see her beauty, physical and otherwise. I see her ugly sides too but it’s nothing compared with her incredible beauty of form and feature that I’m privileged to see without the threat of the camera. 

So yes, I am not fine in front of the camera but how much of me is that?  Very little. Too little to count. So I don’t let it bother me. 

But I know some people who have an unending romance with the camera 

They are so beautiful in photographs it is almost like there’s a sexual relationship between them and that thing. For a select few, the beauty in the photo is a reflection of who they are in real life. Beautiful inside, photogenic outside. Like my two daughters, amazing women, on or off camera. 

But then there’s the other group. All you see is all the camera sees. Form, no feature. Just photogenic. 

Whichever one you are,  work hard to build and develop the feature. Spend more on “made of” than you do on “makeup”

When the chips are down,  the camera is just a piece of equipment. (why do the chips go down anyway)? 

Let me go and do a proper photoshoot. I want to conquer the camera. 

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