Are you using baby oil?

baby oil
Johnson’s baby oil

I have always loved babies. For as long as I can remember there was just something about a newborn that I found totally irresistible. Consequently, I love baby accessories and cosmetics. I would marvel at the detail in the lovely clothes and the fragrant aroma of the multiple cosmetics that are used on the baby’s often supple and glowing skin. But nothing intrigues me more than the baby oil. Its thick, yet light-flowing cleanness, the silkiness, the purity of the oil, and its glistening oiliness on the baby’s skin just does something to me.

So because of all that and the effect I think it has on the baby’s skin, I started using baby oil for my skin, and baby powder too! I have used baby oil for more years than I can remember; sometimes it runs out and I may not buy for a while but I would always go back to it. Baby oil has always been good for my skin, and somehow I like to think that it keeps my skin as supple as a baby’s; until recently.

The weather changed, it became very dry, so dry that baby oil appeared to be failing. My skin was not responding, the soft silky feeling was not there. Instead, I was seeing whiteness and dryness, my skin was chapping, this thing was just not working! What to do? I started to think that maybe maybe it was the harshness of the weather, or there was something not quite right with the oil. But finally I had to tell myself the truth: yes the weather is harsh but then it’s been harsh before, so maybe the problem is not with the baby oil or the weather but with my skin. It is getting older, my skin is as far removed from that of a baby as the North is from the South. So what did I do?

I researched and experimented with new things. I tried vaseline, I tried shea butter and then because of my love for baby oil, I tried a combination of shea butter and baby oil, and voila! My skin is okay again, nice, smooth and shiny, just the way I like it during the harsh weather.

Shea butter

And I started to think: why did I expect baby oil to continue working for my skin long after it stopped being a baby’s skin. Why did I not feel the need to prepare for the day when it would stop working? Why keep applying baby lotion on adult skin and then act surprised when it does not work? And I shook my head. But then isn’t that what we do in other areas of life? The solution worked before so we continue using it without thought for when it would no longer work. We make no plans for tomorrow because today’s solution is fine. We have a “good” job, we live in a nice house, the Economy is stable, we have an M.Sc in the right field etc, etc.

But you know what? We need to stop applying baby oil on a fifty-year old skin and expecting the softness of baby skin. It will not work. Do your research, try something new, add another solution, go back to school or take another course. Add another income stream. The weather forecast for 2016 will not auger well for the adult skin that insists on using only baby oil.  And please do not blame it on the weather, or the product. Try adding shea butter to that oil and see what will happen to your  “skin.”

In 2016, you will need “heavy duty” oil to cope with the harsh weather, so ask yourself, “Am I using baby oil?”


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