Back from Limbo

I have just emerged from the black hole known as ‘writers block’. I used to wonder what it meant but now I know. it is a dark hellish place where your brain is fried and your fingers are frozen and the connection between your brain and your hands is totally off. You watch the world passing by but you have no desire to put it down on paper, or whatever it is you use to ply your trade.Or the desire is there but you find that like Samson the strong, the ability has left.You get to the place where you are nothing but a mere mortal, no better than others who neither know nor care to record everything or anything they see or hear. Suddenly I can empathize with Samson, I know how it feels to see a battle and have no strength to fight it.
The difference between Samson and I is the enemy. Samson’s number one enemy was Delilah his unfaithful lover. My enemy? A multitude of things which we shall not mention here. Enough to say that I have overcome, the enemy has been defeated and unlike Samson, I will fight more than one battle before I die.
Speaking of death, my office has been in deep mourning for over two weeks. A beloved colleague lost his young wife while she was giving birth to their first child and the whole situation has been so heartbreaking! What do you say to a young man in his twenties who loses a young wife? The service of songs was last night and I spent the night dreaming of her and woke up with a heavy heart. Then we went for the interment at the cemetery and I nearly lost it. The beautiful young lady who died was born in 1986, the grave next to hers had a headstone that read 1983-2012. Another had 1978-, and so on and so forth. The oldest person within range of where I stood was born in 1975! I was in shock! Do so many many young people die? Then why do we still think that death is for the old?
I don’t mean to be morbid and I have no plans of dying anytime soon but come on, why are we so proud as if we are in total control of our lives? I daresay that we have been given no more than the moment in which we live. It seems to me very silly to boast of a tomorrow that is not ours to control or to seek refuge in ‘stuff’ when we could easily leave them behind. Should we not invest more in the afterlife where for sure we are likely to spend more time? I know people who argue that what if there is no afterlife? I know for a fact that there is an after-life because I am a Christian but for the sake of argument, what if there is and you are not prepared for it? What do you have to lose by believing and living as if Heaven and hell are real?

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