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If You Have Always Desired To Write Books...and Sell Boatloads of them...this course is for you

Who am I to make such claim?

My name is Elsie O. Dennis. Besides being the mother of the “Fantastic Five” and a wife to “The Marvel Man” (no, he’s not Black Panther)…

…I am a professional writer (with over 20 years writing skill; I kid you not), a notable public speaker, a die-hard, no-nonsense, cut-the-fluff-out editor…and if those aren’t convincing enough,

…I have authored more than 20 books, and have sold tons and tons of them.

If you have always wanted to write excellent books and sell boatloads of them, I welcome you to this course, designed specifically for you.

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I am excited to introduce this course, Blank Page To Bestseller, to you. It’s one of the best gifts every rookie and veteran writer desiring to write and sell more books, could ever ask for. 

About the Coach

A talented storyteller, with a knack for using everyday events to examine deep truth, Elsie writes about social issues in a non-threatening way and seeks to use writing to bring awareness to the challenges of the African in a rapidly changing world. She is happily married with five growing children.

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Let this course hold you by the hand and take you from broke (or semi-rich) to successful writer. 

What You'll Get In This Course:

In this module, you will answer the following questions:

1. What do I really want to say? What is my message?

2. Why do I want to say it?

3. To whom am I saying it or writing it?

4. What is my medium? (less important for now).

5.     What is the goal of my writing? What is the purpose? 

In this module, you will learn about the tools of your trade.

Writing is a craft, a trade, or a handy-work (handwork, if you like). In this regard, a writer is the same as an engineer or a surgeon, or goldsmith, and just like those other professionals, a writer has his tools of the trade. A surgeon, for instance would use, a knife, a scalpel, a civil engineer would use sand and cement, or whatever it is they use for making buildings. 

As a writer you want to find out, what is the writer’s chief tool.

This module will reveal the chief tools for the writer. They are two tools – free and readily available to you – that you cannot do without as a writer. 

Your voice is your style; your unique way of telling your story. It is what sets you apart from other writers in the same genre. Everybody has a different way of speaking; you may sound like someone else a bit, your voice is still your voice and that is how it is with writing; a writer must develop his/her own voice.

How do you develop your style/voice? This module will show detailed steps on developing your personal writing style. 

A story or a book is composed of different parts, which, properly fused together, make a whole book or a complete story. When the parts are properly combined, you get a well-told story that satisfies the reader; when done poorly, you end up with a story that leaves the reader feeling cheated, dissatisfied and unhappy.

A good story has four essential components. This module will explore those components. 

In module, students will learn the nine essential steps for almost any literary work. Some of which are:

  1. Come up with a great story idea.
  2. Create realistic and memorable characters.
  3. Choose a story structure.
  4. Home in on the setting.
  5. Write your rough draft.

And so on. I explain each of these nine steps in detail in the course. 

There is nothing worse than reading an interesting book and finding error after error. It is somewhat like eating delicious fried rice and biting stones, but it is much worse.

As an Author, nothing beats the embarrassment of a reader pointing out errors in your document. I’ve been there and it is not a good experience at all.

In this module, you’ll learn what is required to make your writing error-free. I use these methods for all my books (and clients’ books, as well).

To publish means to make your work available for public consumption. If you are only writing for your personal enjoyment, you do not need to worry publishing options but I believe you are not taking this course just to write stories to entertain yourself.  You want others to see your work, read your books, stories and buy them for their consumption.

So, where can you publish your work?

There are two major routes to publishing. We’ll learn that in this module. 

When I started writing it was more or less a hobby. It was something I enjoyed doing, and “I was good at it.” My intention was not to make money and maintain a good life from it, principally because I could not see how that would be possible. When I started writing and I started seeing writers who were making money I wondered how they were doing it. I worried about getting my books into stores, worried about piracy, worried about how to organise book launching and who to invite!

I worried about everything except what I needed to worry about: making a plan to actually monetize my work.

I made the mistake a lot of writers make; I believed that so long as I wrote well and made my books look good, people would fall over themselves to buy it. Big fat LIE!


If you want to skip mistakes (never make the same mistakes I made when I started out) and start to earn as a writer, pay attention to this module. I told the whole truth about making money as a writer (what has worked for me and so many other writers out there). 

You have probably heard it said that success is relative. True. But there are some common denominators. For anyone to be considered successful there must be some level of achievement, some goals met, plans realized and reams fulfilled.

To be successful as a writer you need to have actually met some of your writing goals, and that means you must have set some goals.

How do successful writers (or writers who hope to be successful) set their goalss Learn that in this module. 

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Let this course hold you by the hand and take you from broke (or semi-rich) to successful writer. 

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