Conversations…with Daughter Jack


My first question to Daughter is one that a lot of people are probably curious about; one they may not want to ask.
‘’Why would a single lady want to organize a programme for couples?’’
Her answer?


Daughter believes that she has been uniquely placed on Earth to do what she is doing. She has discovered her purpose, her raison d’etre, and she is filled with joy.
In 2009, she got the inspiration to put together a programme for married people to unwind in an atmosphere of love, laughter, and lights. And she decided to tag it, ‘’Couples Yellow Day.’’

It was a success, but it was also a stretch on her time and finances, and for the next two years, nothing happened. But the dream would not go away.
In 2012, she dusted her files and picked up where she left off. CYD2 held, and since then she has not looked back. Every year she brings together couples, who have been married for a significant length of time and they are pampered with dinner, dance and drama. It’s a date night of sorts, with games, music and inspiring conversations, as the couples share experiences and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Daughter puts it all together and sits back to watch the couples have fun like an indulgent parent. At the end of it all, she is happy to see couples refreshed for an evening and impacted positively for a lifetime.
The Couples Yellow Day event has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of many married in the Federal Capital Territory; an event that is slowly evolving into a platform for healing homes.

The 7th edition of the CYD holds on the second of December, and Daughter is pulling out all the stops to make it as memorable as possible.
CYD this year will also be different in other ways, for the first time, CYD has a Facebook page. The CYD website is also under construction. Couples can also expect more fun things to do at this year’s event.

Daughter Jack is a veteran stage actress, Radio Presenter/Producer, and a Voice Artiste. She has worked in various media establishments and acted in various stage productions. She has also produced various documentaries. Her hands are full in every sense of the word.

And are there wedding bells soon on the horizon? That is a question that is of little concern to Daughter at the moment. For now, she is content with ensuring that couples have a swell time at the CYD.

Daughter Jack is one lady that has found her purpose in life; have you found yours?

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