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I began my writing career as a Magazine reporter in 1990, well over thirty years ago. I published my first book in 2010; not to bore you but in my career I have written countless news and feature stories and articles, country reports, memos, blog posts and short stories. I have edited more works than I can remember.

I have also had the privilege of training with some of the biggest names in contemporary writing, US-based, Nigerian top inspirational women’s contemporary fiction writer, Sinmisola Ogunyinka, as well as New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jerry Jenkins, to name just two. I have authored over twenty books and counting and a good number of my books are in the school curriculum of several states across Nigeria.

But forgive me; this course is not about me. It is about you and your desire to birth the writing dream on your inside. I can help, and this course, in this book, is my pledge to take you from where you are to where you want to be as a writer, writing books that sell enough for you to live on.

Let us do this together.

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