Covid-19 Chronicles 2: what day is it?

Yesterday was Sunday. One of the challenges I’ve noticed about this period is keeping up with days of the week. It seems like it’s just, “yesterday, today and tomorrow.” The days seem to have lost their individuality to this scourge!😪

So, yes, it was Sunday, and we had church, in the living room, via livestreaming from the bigger congregation as we have done the past three Sundays. I did my best to take a shower and dress up some😅 my husband came out in a comfy pair of shorts and he found it funny when I insisted he put on a t-shirt. The look on his face was like, “are you serious right now? Is someone watching me?”

The kids didn’t even bother🤣 but we had church and it was fun. We had communion, we sang, and danced and prayed. Then when it ended we went back to wondering what day of the week it is. Saturdays and Sundays are the luckiest days in this lockdown. Every other day looks like them!😅😂

I made breakfast, lunch and dinner- who will save me from entering the kitchen please? Then I wrote the foreword I’d been asked to do. And I studied some. Yes, I studied, that PhD we have always dreamed of isn’t going to fall from the sky, so we are on the journey. I submitted an assignment a week early and my lecturer/instructor was happy (happy at the early submission, not necessarily with my work)

What else did I do? Watched bits and pieces of a movie, as I tend to do these days. Spent time in prayer, read my Bible and received calls from my two brothers, my big sister and my niece.

All things considered, it was not a “wasted” day. There’s a work type, online interview thingy which I do not really understand happening in a few days which I’m expected to prepare for 🙄. I’ll get some clarity on it today so I can prepare well.

On my plate today is work, study, prayers (all day) and may be some gardening? Exercise? Sigh!

Wherever you are reading this, I pray you stay safe, and stay sane. I pray for healing for your city, your nation and your family.

This too shall pass. #staysafe #stayhome #drinkwater

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