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Covid-19 Chronicles

Letter to Mr. President

Dear Sir,

I have never presumed to write you a letter because I do not feel qualified to do so. But I am forced to write now because Covid-19 has made us all equal.

Suddenly we have all become like Gideon who hid to bake bread because of the enemy. Our collective enemy is the Coronavirus, and we all are hiding from an enemy we cannot see but who threatens to kill us all.

Last night Sir, in your wisdom, you extended the lockdown for Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States. Very laudable I must say. We must flatten the curve, infact, we need to eliminate it totally so we can attempt to live like normal humans again.

But Sir, I don’t know how much they have told you about the level of hunger in the land. There is something called “the lesser of two evils;” right now the people have a hard time deciding which is which.

Hunger, which leads to, or could be an excuse for crime is competing, albeit unfairly, with Covid-19.

So what can we do differently?

Here’s my suggestion Sir.

1. Keep the states on lockdown, no coming in and no going out.

2. Have the security agencies patrol the borders of these states to ensure total compliance.

3. Open up towns and neighborhoods within the States for local services and businesses.

4. Make the use of masks compulsory for everyone not inside their homes.

5. Let me explain #3. If you leave and work in Lekki, you can operate, so long as you adhere strictly to all other protocols. You cannot cross over to Ikoyi or Victoria Island or Ajah. If you live in Egbeda, you can work and shop in Egbeda but you cannot cross over to Ikeja or Idimu. You must maintain all other protocols, etc, etc.

6. The only people/vehicles allowed to cross the state/town borders would be those carrying food to the markets.

7. This would keep the local economy alive and reduce or eliminate some of the current hardships.

Sir, could we try this for a week?

Yours Sincerely,

Me, Nigerian citizen.

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