Covid-19 Chronicles.

It is a little past 4am in my neck of the woods and I just woke up. This piece was to have been written at the end of the day yesterday but as is usual with me these days, I fell asleep earlier than planned.

Amazing to think how tired one gets when there is nowhere to go! But yesterday was a little bit different from the past week; I got the chance to go out, yay! Although to be quite honest with you, I’m not sure I should rejoice.

The lockdown was officially declared in my city by the President last Monday but before then, my city’s governing authorities had declared a stay-at-home order so we were actually home for a week before we had to stay home.

For a person who works from home you’d think it would make no difference to me right? But not so, as I discovered to my surprise. Yes, I work from home but the option to go out is always there but with this lockdown there is nowhere to go and no reason to go anywhere. The first few days were surprisingly very busy for me. I was cooking, cleaning and, wait for it, watching too much TV! So much so that my work began to suffer. And oh yes, I was spending way too much time on my phone devouring Covid-19 info. But no more.

I have tried to organize my time somewhat. I’ll let my kids do more of the cooking So I can get more work done. I have loads of writing to do for myself and for clients. I also have my school work which is totally unaffected by the lockdown. So, while others may be on forced holiday, I have as much to do as I ever had.

So, I was saying I went out yesterday. I found out the supermarket at the end of the street was open for business and I went out to get bread and wine for our communion service. We’ve been attending our church service online and it’s been quite interesting, and it’s communion service today. The first thing that struck me when I stepped out of the house was the number of people outside. Even the guy who sells fruit by the roadside had his water out like it was a normal day. SMH!

I got to the supermarket and there were may be like seven or eight people in the shop and nobody was observing safe distance protocols. I asked for sanitizer at the entrance and they had none. I almost ran back when I saw they didn’t seem concerned at all, but I really needed those things so I went in but tried to avoid people, which drew a few funny looks. I didn’t care though. I tried to finish my shopping as quickly as possible and bought up all the money I had so I wouldn’t need to collect change, washed my hands with soap outside the shop, and went back home as quickly as my legs could carry me. Back to another round of hand and body washing at home before going into the house. I felt a little ridiculous but no apologies.

Later in the day I called a Doctor friend in Chicago and the stories he told me of the situation there sent chills down my spine. I won’t repeat the stories here but I can tell you, it’s no joke. I pray it doesn’t get that bad in my country ever🙏

I did get some work done. I finished a book I was reading for someone who needs me to write a Foreword, had a discussion with a possible editing client, and kind of concluded an ongoing discussion with a possible Book agency client.

Spoke to my younger brother and three of my sisters on phone at different times, chatted with another of my brothers, got a call from a senior friend, and another call from another friend, both of whom were just checking on me, us. God bless them.🙏

Another friend and former colleague chatted me up and said all kinds of words about my work with the inner city children, sob, sob😪 🙌and then made a donation to our inner-city food bank. God bless her🙏

I’ll write more about our inner city work someday. For now, I’ll stop here and go start the day with Bible study and prayer. I promise another update very soon.

What’s goin on in your neighborhood? How are you coping with the shutdown? Please share, let’s keep each other company.

#staysafe #stayhome

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