Did Americans just elect Trump or did Jesus vote?

It is the morning after. The World is in shock;or maybe not. Donald Trump, the blustering, blundering billionaire of Trump Towers has been elected POTUS! In a few weeks he will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Hillary had the better numbers, or so it seemed. She had the media endorsements. She’s apparently the smarter of the two and definitely the more experienced. She’s the one with class, finesse, etc. Trump on the other hand appeared to be unserious, juvenile, rude, inexperienced and sometimes even uncouth! There was nothing Presidential about him and even his most ardent supporters must have squirmed at some of his utterances. But he won.

So, I ask: who elected Donald Trump?

How did the polls and the media get it so wrong?

What caused this ‘upset.’

There had been talk of a silent majority; could it be they were the ones who came out of the woodwork? Or is there something even bigger at play here?

My opinion is that the issues were never about Trump or Hillary. The candidates had scant to do with it. It was always a factor of what they represented.  America was built on a foundation of the Holy Bible, and not necessarily on  personalities. The Holy Bible does not follow after the fads and trends of men. The author of the Bible has an agenda all His own, which ultimately supersedes all others.He may appear to be silent in the sky somewhere but, not only does nothing take Him by surprise, He actually uses all things to work out His plan.

And God obviously has a plan for America; a plan that transcends personalities and focuses on issues of eternal consequence. And it would appear that in choosing Trump, God has played His hand, again. Am I saying that Trump is a better candidate than Hillary? Not at all. All I am saying is that God sees what men do not see and He will pick the man who would best serve eternal purpose.It is not a question of a ‘better’ candidate.

So, who actually voted for Donald Trump? I mean what ‘rational, right thinking person’ would vote for him? The Christians?


I am not sure people as much as voted for him as for the beliefs held by the Republicans-the sanctity of life for the unborn, the belief in the traditional institution of marriage between a man and a woman, and so many other issues which the Democrats have literally ‘turned’ upside down.

Hillary Clinton may have been the better candidate but it sure looks to me like Jesus stepped in and cast a vote for the other candidate###

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