Do you like your work?

Writing is my work. I write articles, novels, children’s books, biographies, inspiration, short stories, name it. You have a school project that needs a second eye? APA style, Harvard? You need a ghostwriter? Editor? Need advice on Publishing? Need someone to guide you through any aspect of Publishing? Call me.

I hope you get the picture. I blog. I train. I set up libraries, train librarians, the whole spectrum! So, you could call me a bookworm and you would be totally right. But do I enjoy my work? Absolutely!

Every bit of it?


What does that even mean? I like my work, I enjoy my work and generally, there’s not much else I’d rather be doing. I recognize I’m in the minority. A lot of people hate their jobs, and they dread going to work everyday. I was like that at some point in my life. I only worked for the paycheck.

Not anymore. But there are parts of my work that push my limits even now. There are projects I take on and I ask myself why I bother. But there are some other parts of my work that give me nothing but pure pleasure, so much so it feels like I’m just having fun.

And truly everyone deserves that in their professional life. There should be a part of your work that you look forward to, that gives you pleasure, and makes it worthwhile.

One of my brothers is an airline pilot and years ago he told he was being paid to do a job he would pay to do. He’s older now with bigger responsibilities and certain parts of his job are quite stressful. But he still enjoys getting in the cockpit and cruising.

My thing is fiction. I love creating characters, adjusting them, changing their stories, making them cry, laugh etc. It’s my “high.” My happy place. When I have worked on a writing project for client for days and weeks, or struggled with rewriting, or as is the case right now, spent weeks pursuing book sales, I come back to fiction and I feel my muscles relax as my characters take me on a journey through their lives.

They love me as much as I love them. When they are upset I calm them down. I thoroughly enjoy writing fiction. When I was a newspaper reporter, my joy was writing features. When I had a Travel business, it was taking clients on tours.

As a housewife, my joy is cooking a nice meal, and pottering around in my tiny garden.

You see this life? It’s not designed to be rock hard. Whatever your profession/career, there must be a part of it you enjoy. I have a best friend who enjoys anything with figures (don’t know how we are friends 🙄). My daughter models and finds her happy place strutting on the Runway.

There’s a happy place for everyone. Identify your own place and protect it. When the other aspects of your work gets too tiring, think of this place and receive strength to go on. I’m not talking hobbies here, I mean the career you practice from which you make money. Finding joy in your work is what a good life is about. If you absolutely hate your job then I suggest you look at your options.


..and now I really must get back to my character, he needs me😁

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