Domestic Violence? Get a life 2

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am not labelling the women who do not work as lazy. All I am saying is that a woman should never be in a situation where she is completely helpless and at the mercy of any man; more so if the man is one who abuses her physically or emotionally. You see, when you are empowered in one area of your life, it has a way of spreading to other areas, if you allow it.

I started blogging seriously in January 2009 ( It was a bad time for me financially and emotionally. My husband’s business was in major trouble and mine was directly affected. Some of my kids had to stop school because we could not pay their fees. We were owing everyone we knew and it was getting worse. In fact food was a major issue and of course the marriage started tumbling downhill. My writing career was in it’s infancy and I was not sure where it would lead. But I had my mega dreams in my head and I needed an outlet for my mounting frustration. So I took to blogging, not with the intention of making money, (I have never made a cent from blogging, not everyone is smart like Linda Ikeji) but with the intention of doing something that took my attention from the negatives in my life and focused on the one positive thing I could control~my writing.

I never promoted my blog, it was more like a virtual diary but it was hugely therapeutic for me. I felt alive when I blogged; I felt powerful, even if not many people were visiting and slowly but surely, I was honing my craft.  It helped me to get through those terrible times and it provided succour when I truly needed it.

You may say, I was not in abusive relationship, believe me my dear I was. There different levels of abuse. All I am trying to say in these posts about #domesticviolence is this: Dear abused woman or man, don’t sit there and accept it. Do something; fight back in anyway you can. Hold on tight to the person you are on the inside. Lock you within and love up on you when no one is looking. You have worth, you have value beyond where you are right now. Fight to keep the person that God made you to be. There is a beautiful human being inside of you, search until you find that person, and when you do, hold on to that person till you become!



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