Domestic violence? Get a life lady, get a life!


One of the reasons we often hear for women remaining in abusive homes is that they do not have the means to leave. They have neither a job nor any other income source or they have no savings of any sort. I know there are several contributing factors but this is one of the things I usually hear from the women I counsel. I hear this complaint from so many married women, even the those that are happily married that I have decided to address it today.

I believe that every woman should work. I was raised by a father who believed that “He who does not work should not eat.” So I grew up knowing that work was an essential part of life, regardless of your gender. I have always worked. No, don’t get me wrong, I have not always had a paid job but my hands have always found something to do so please pardon me if I sound a little impatient with women who do not work and who choose to stay at home all day long bemoaning their fate.

I am a firm believer in the role of a woman as nurturer of the home and I have no quarrels whatsoever with a woman who makes the choice to not work outside the home. What I do have a quarrel with is a woman whose only form   of work is taking care of children and the home, all day, always, with no plans to do anything else! Come on people! Take care of your home and your kids all you want but please have an income source or a savings somewhere. If your man gives you any sort of allowance at all, try to save something from it no matter how little. Let’s say for instance your allowance is three thousand naira (about $10) a week or even a month; imagine with me that you keep aside a little, say, $1 each time, in ten weeks you would have $10. Not much you might say but enough to flag a taxi down if you need to move out quickly.

There is a sense of empowerment that comes from having some financial independence, no matter how small. And when there is no paid job, please look for something to volunteer for. You could volunteer your time at a local school or church or community centre. It may not pay but it would help to build a sense of self-worth. You could try your hands at writing or arts and crafts, or singing or anything else that catches your fancy…

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