From the classroom..

We continue with our series from the classroom which has been running on our website. This is a piece from one of our students..

Oh Nigeria my country!

I think I’m in an emotionally abusive relationship with Nigeria. For a few days now, I have been dealing with nightmares and waking up to news of gloom and doom. The boom of good news has been replaced by the burst of sad events. And we seem to be nowhere near enough.

I was born in Ondo state but I lived the early part of my life in Ogbadibo, Benue state. I loved the peace, serenity and love around, and in Adum Market, where another part of my childhood days played before my eyes. During those years, I saw Fulani herdsmen, leading a mass of cattle with a long wooden staff. As children, we, like many of our parents always wondered how one or two small boys with canes lead a herd of cattle, without hassle. It was always fascinating to watch.

Fast forward to 2010, one or two cases had been reported in the news, that armed herdsmen had killed farmers in some part of the country. I was agitated because the herdsmen I knew never carry guns. Five years down the line, this barbaric act had repeated itself so much we could confirmed that herdsmen were now wielding guns. This situation has become a peril to farmers till date.

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