Goals and You

One of my goals for 2020 is to go back to school. I mean, real classroom butt down and learn type of situation.
I started working on this goal since early last year, against this first quarter of 2020. It’s been one obstacle after the other. But I’m still pushing it.
I love the game of football. Sometimes, a game of 90 minutes produces just one goal, and that lone goal comes after near misses, obstacles, falling down and rising and a lot of sweat.
Don’t be deceived; success isn’t a cup of smoothie (just pour in the ingredients, press a button and out comes nourishment!)
Success is a lot of pushing and shoving, falling and rising till you get to the top. So, don’t give up on that goal. Push harder, walk further, give it another try.
Whatever you do, stay focused!
Wednesdays are for me!


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