Death! Is there anything so dreaded? So mysterious, so appalling, so unattractive? I do not mean to sound morbid today but some things just hit you in the solar plexus.

We buried a little boy today. His name is Nathan.

Nathan was only two years old. He died this morning

At the graveside I looked around and there were at least twenty tiny graves and I shuddered at the terrible grief parents of these little ones must be going through.

As a Christian I have a pretty clear idea of what happens when a person dies but that is scant comfort when you know you will never see the person again on this side of eternity. It is even more heart breaking when a parent has to bury a child.

Nathan never got to run around and play at school like other kids; he never got to know the the taste of ice cream escaping through a cone. He never rode a bike, nor ask his Mum and Dad the million questions that 3 year-olds ask; he had just enough time to grab the heartstrings of his family and pull it tight. He just popped his head through the clouds and said “hi” just before he said “bye!”

He is no doubt swinging up there with other heavenly kids having the time of his life in eternity. The hope of Heaven is what makes the thought of death even half bearable; for those without that hope, it must be truly terrifying. I hope you have that hope my dear friend. If you don’t all you need to do is ask. It is that simple.

In the meantime we can only pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for Nathan’s family.

Good night Nathan..bedtime came early for you…


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