Moses is one of those characters you can’t help but love. Talk about a turbulent life! In his eighties when stuff ought to be winding down and when he should have been packing his bags to move over to the eternal side he finally gets his big break! Phew! God was right on time wasn’t he? Anyway, Moses finally gets his break and he becomes an international celeb. Killed an entire national army without raising a finger and then proceeds to lead a huge bunch of ex-slaves on a harrowing journey to.. where did you say again?

These people endured the euphoria of freedom for a few days; hey, no more waking up before the crack of dawn to go gather straw to make bricks and build nonsense for the Egyptians, no more walking with head bowed and shoulders stooped because the national self-esteem was at ground zero. No more smirking faces to see as you labored in the relentless Egyptian heat. In fact, no more Egyptians period! Hurray!

Not so fast..

“where are we going to?”

“What Promised Land?”

“Where exactly is that, officer Moses?”

“Have you been there before?”

“And hold on a minute, who’s this guy that said we should take a walk in the wilderness?”

“Did you say His name is I AM?”

“What kind of name is that if we may ask?”

“And why can’t we see Him too?”

“Moses why has He chosen to speak to you only? Aren’t we all just as Holy?”

“So you think you can lead? You think you are the only one good enough to be the boss?”

“Hey guys! What do you think, wasn’t good ole Egypt better than this?”

“At least we had cucumbers, and leeks and fish, oh yummy”(licking lips and closing the eyes as the imaginary taste of cucumber cools the desert sun-parched throat)

“Nah! We’ve been had people. Someone sold us a lie and we bought it.”

“This project promised land isn’t for real; it’s just a trick to get us all killed in the wilderness!”

And on and on they went until finally they got through to Moses. And he blew his top! Well, he actually blew a lot more than his greying top; he blew his chance at getting to the Promised Land. He lost his temper and in the process, he lost the promise of God. Just like his murmuring and complaining people he ended his journey a few metres shy of the land of promise.

Before you go weeping for Moses, here are a few points to remember

  1. Being a leader does not make you immune to the temptations your followers face
  2. Leadership requires that you keep your head straight even all else gets twisted
  3. Find a way to motivate yourself and keep your spirits up.

And finally..

Remember Moses did not miss the promised land because he was a bad guy, he missed it because he allowed those he was leading to determine his attitude.


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