Happy New Year… again

It’s day 2 of 2020. We are still sending the wishes but the year has started. If you’re still basking in the euphoria and have not started work on your goals you are cheating yourself of some mega gains.

Of course, if you are on vacation it’s fine. I almost envy you 😋😄

But if you are sitting down and not actively getting involved in the process of owning the year, I shake my head at you.

Yesterday morning I was preparing breakfast for my family when I heard a familiar sound from the street. The local shoe cobblers who ply their trade by walking the streets hitting their tools to draw attention were at it.

I was surprised. The guy didn’t care about the celebration going on in various homes around, he was bent on making money that day.

Maybe his family would go hungry if he didn’t go out for the day. May be he was smart enough to know people might need their shoes fixed. Whatever his reasons, he was smart enough to face his year, head on.

I suggest you do the same. Get about your year. Now.

My To do list has 15 items on it and this blog post is #3.

Let’s own this 2020.


PS: my book on planning and goal setting is available on Amazon and okadabooks.com. You need it

Clarity versus Reality by Elsie O. Dennis

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