Happy New Year!

It is a new year! 2015 is here! So what? Big deal? Maybe, maybe not. What is so special about this year? What makes it stand out from all other years?
It has twelve calendar months. It has fifty two weeks, three hundred and sixty five days, summer and winter, spring and autumn. Rainy season and dry season. It has days and nights, you will sleep and wake. Eat and discharge. Be hungry and get filled. Same as last year. Same as all the other years.
So what makes it different or special? Nothing really. Nothing at all. Except you. The things you make up your mind to put in it. No, not the new year resolutions that never last beyond January. Not the things you promise to get done that are never begun. Not the same things as last year and the year before that.
2015 can be as different or as same as you want it to be. You decide. It is a blank slate in front of you. Waiting for you to make it different by your actions and inactions. Yes, actions. That is the operative word. That is what will make the year different or same for you. You must take actions that are measurable and achievable.
There are several action steps that will make this year different from all other years for you. Only you can say for sure what those steps mean for you. I know mine, you know yours; or do you?
Everyone has the same ability to dream and to think and imagine amazing things but how well we exercise this ability is what sets us apart. So what are your dreams and wishes for this year! Do you want to see them come to fruition? Is this the year you dream of changing your car? Your home? Getting a higher pay? Or are you among the millions out there who are waiting and hoping that the year will bring them something good they have not planned for? I sincerely hope not. I hope that you, my reader are different, full of dreams and hopes, I hope you are excited at the chance to do something new or to continue with the good you have been doing.
Part of my dream this year is to be able to help everyone who reads my blog to be a little different and I’m looking forward to getting help from you too. Whatever your dreams, there some common tools we can all use to achieve them. This is how I plan to make this year a fruitful one for me. Let us look at some of them:
1. Take sometime and dream of this year. Swim along the length and breadth of this year in your mind’s eye. See all the wonderful things you would and could do. Don’t worry yet about resources. It is only dreaming and it is free. Dream far and wide.
2. Take a fresh notebook and write down those dreams on one page, or two depending on how big your dreams are.
3. Next apply the SMART acronym to your dreams. What is SMART?…

I shall return. Keep dreaming, and writing it down.


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