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At Elsiewrite Limited, we guide you through your writing and book publication journey; including online book distribution, author branding, and strategic book marketing. We help you move several steps closer to your authorship dream, because we believe words do make a man.
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Because writing is a journey, we support you through that journey; either by training you to become a better writer or by helping you create books from scratch that agree with your writing style and voice.

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Cut the hassle of book publication and online distribution in half by leveraging our proven methods of publication; both offline and online.

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We don’t just start conversations; we nurture them by writing books that build relationships and drives sales.

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If your answer is a resounding yes!, then allow me to welcome you to the Elsiewrite community. My name is Elsie Oghenekaro Dennis, and I believe that you have the power to turn your writing dreams into reality. 


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We put years of book writing, publication, and distribution to work, to aid your success in publication, either as a new or a veteran writer.



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Lakeside Notes. The Shopping Centre

My trip from Lagos had been long and tiring. I left Lagos very early in the morning and got to Abuja about 3pm. looking back now that seems a little bit ridiculous; leave Lagos in the morning and get to Abuja by 3pm? And I say it was a long trip? 2019 I did the

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flowers, butterflies, beautiful

The Fresh Looks

All too soon, the taxi ride came to an end. As I alighted at Area 3, Open University, I knew I had found my City. I was never going to leave. I was home. I looked around with that tremulous half smile still hovering over and around my face. I knew I must have looked

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aircraft, landing, airport

The Arrival (Part Two)

 The lower part of my face was trembling slightly as I did my best to keep a straight face. The taxi headed for Area 3. I looked around and saw a hill across the road and behind, as the taxi moved away on clean, well-demarcated roads. I would find out later that hill was Kukwaba

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emotions, vacations, holidays

The Arrival (Part One)

I’m starting these notes today as a salute to the Abuja I used to know and love- which, by the way, I still love very much. I remember the first day I came into Abuja. It was a road trip from Lagos, through lokoja, or was it through someplace else? I do not remember too

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New Book Alert

It’s been a pretty long minute since I was here 😅 I did mention in my last post how busy I was. My workload only increased during the lockdown. While others were lounging I was working 😪 I’m not really complaining though, always grateful for the gist of writing which allows me to work always

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covid, corona, coronavirus

Covid-19 Chronicles

Letter to Mr. President Dear Sir, I have never presumed to write you a letter because I do not feel qualified to do so. But I am forced to write now because Covid-19 has made us all equal. Suddenly we have all become like Gideon who hid to bake bread because of the enemy. Our

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