How much do you want it?


At the end of last year, I made some of those crazy type decisions we often make in a moment of spiritual enlightenment. The type of decision you get up from and say to yourself, “wait, what did I just commit to?”

I will share that decision at the end of the year when all the craziness has finished manifesting. For now, I want to talk about our desires and how we let them slide.

We say we want something and we start off all gungho and determined to achieve, but then we meet obstacle numbers 1,2,3…and we begin to sing a new song. Mind you, it is the same with me. But success does not come to those who give up and this is something I am learning everyday. It takes grit, it takes suffering, it takes a lot of backbreaking work but eventually it gets done.Success is not in the outcome, it is in the process.
This year I have faced a lot of challenges but I have also learnt to pull up my trousers and get dirty in the mud. As a result, I believe I have seen more books birthed this year than at any other period in my writing career.

You want to know how I have managed to overcome my inherent laziness and do what I need to do? It’s all down in my book, “Clarity versus Reality, how to design the life you want from where you are.”
I will share stories and insights from it soon.

For now, pick up that project and get to work again. Giving up is not even an option

That image on this post? one of the several books this past few weeks…


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