I was unable to post last week because I was far away in a place without internet  access. Here is the concluding part of our thoughts  on purpose:
So how you do you identify purpose? How do you know for sure that such and such is the reason for which you were created? I do not claim to be an expert on this but I believe you do not necessarily have a moment when the light bulbs go on and you exclaim “aha! in order to know your purpose in life. Sometimes you stumble on it and other times you actually prepare for it, but however it happens, your purpose usually has some characteristics that are common to everyone.
Your purpose usually comes with a grace that makes it easy to do. You would find it easy to do the thing without a struggle and people may wonder how you are able to do it or why you take pleasure in it. This brings us to point two. Purpose would normally bring you pleasure.  It is something you enjoy doing for its own sake regardless of the pecuniary rewards. It is something that you do without much apparent effort. The preacher who spends fifty years preaching from the Bible with obvious enjoyment each and every time, the soldier who repeatedly and bravely faces enemy
forces in an effort to defend his country; the doctor who daily spends hours with patients and the plumber who appears to enjoy dealing with blocked drains. It does not matter the vocation,  for everything under the sun, there is a person best suited to tackle it and the joy of fulfilment comes when a person finds his purpose in life. No matter where you are on the ladder of life right now you can find your purpose or continue in it till you find fulfilment. It may be that your purpose in life has changed, no matter; be faithful where
you are and once you know you have identified your purpose stick with it and succeed at it. Nothing else really matters…

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