In defence of my BB

In recent times social media news feeds have been awash with stories of the coming of BBM to Android and iPhone. Many have predicted that this will mean the death of the Blackberry phone, at least as we know it. None of these upsets me; what has caught my angst is the way a lot of people have reacted to this news- with glee, with outright jubilation in some quarters.

The blackberry seems to have become the most vilified object in recent phone history. Suddenly it seems to be a “social offence” to own a Blackberry. Or to be proud of the fact of ownership. Granted there are people in my society who see the blackberry as a status symbol and a must-have item in order to, as they say, “belong”. To this group of people you are one class below the primates if you do not own one of these devices. They go around “pinging” people and broadcasting their BB pins or “pin number”. None the less, the blackberry phone has been one of the more innovative devices invented in recent times. It has revolutionized the way small businesses operate, saved the business owner thousands of dollars, and made communication the joy it should be. With a few clicks a business owner can hold multiple meetings while responding to emails and keeping abreast of happenings in the social and traditional media. Blackberry took telephony several steps beyond a mere 2-way communicating device; it helped to significantly shrink the global village and bring it even nearer home.

I have used a blackberry device for many years and will continue to do so; for some of us it goes beyond being a phone, it is a complete communication and small business tool. So haters hate all you want, I’m sticking to my BB!

ps: this article was originally written several months ago for a techie blog; they refused to post it. I’m posting it with no apologies; I’m a BB person.

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