Is Zuckerberg after me?

Two days ago I deleted my Facebook messenger app. Yes, I did.

I had just received a video from a friend. It had a story about how messenger could be used to access all of my private information from anywhere. And I panicked. And deleted the app immediately.

Yesterday I sheepishly downloaded it again.


You see, I attended a one+man conference organised by myself and I told myself to use my brain.

One of the questions I asked myself was, “so you mean, Mark Zuckerberg is sitting down somewhere with his minions watching me write meaningless drivel and he is planning to come and get me? “So that what will happen? Why would the President of Facebook leave his over 1 billion citizens and come after me?”

I’m not a movie star; my books are on the New York Times bestseller list I know but that is only in my head. The whole world is talking about me and I know that but the reason I know is because the ‘whole world’ lives within the four walls of my home. And they do not need messenger to see what I am doing.

So I have concluded that brother Mark is not after me. It is paranoia that makes no sense.

And anyway, what is the information I’m hiding? Aside from my very fat bank balance of course.

I have restored my app. I need it more than the people who after me..

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