It won’t always be this tough.

I have a herb patch at the back of my house. I’ve written about it before with pride.

I reside in a concrete jungle, right in the middle of town so I really do not have space. But I love to see things grow, so I planted a tiny garden.😁

It did so well last year, even I was surprised (one day soon I’ll share the pictures of a tuber of yam I harvested)

Right now I still have spinach and a number of herbs and leafy vegetables. So, I water daily, for the herbs that are there now- I don’t want them to die, and for the ground to remain soft against planting season.

Every day, when I start watering, I notice how hard, tough and unyielding the ground is. No matter how much water I pour, it seeps into the dry and thirsty ground quickly and cries for more.

If I don’t water for a couple of days, the herbs begin to look abandoned, causing a deep feeling of guilt and pity to well up from my inside.

Yesterday, I took a shovel and tried to move some soul around; I was almost taken aback at how hard the ground was. I dug and dug but it was not having it.

Then I smiled as my mind flashed back to a few months ago during the rainy season. The ground was wet, soft and muddy. I had to be careful where I stepped to pick herbs and veggies because everywhere was so wet I could easily slip and fall.

And now, here was the same ground, proving tough! I chuckled and said to myself, “looking at this hard ground you’d never believe it will soon be soft and pliable.”

That became an “aha” moment for me. And hopefully for you too. There are many situations we face that seem like my garden during the dry season: tough and unyielding. But the same way my garden softens at the sign of rain, so will the situation soften when Light begins to shine on it.

No matter, how tough and hard it seems now, know that at the right time, under a different set of conditions, that same ground will yield a bountiful harvest.

Be consoled, it won’t always be this tough.

I think it’s time to water the garden this evening.

Photo credit: Elsiewrite.

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