Module 7: Publishing Options

Where & How To Publish Your Work To publish means to make your work available for public consumption. If you are only writing for your personal enjoyment, you do not need to worry about publishing options but I believe you are not taking this course just to write stories to entertain yourself. You want others …

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Module 6: Self-Edit Like A Pro

Making Your Writing Error-Free There is nothing worse than reading an interesting book and finding error after error. It is somewhat like eating delicious fried rice and biting stones, but it is much worse. As an Author, nothing beats the embarrassment of a reader pointing out errors in your document. I’ve been there and it …

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Blank Page To Bestseller

Welcome to Blank Page To Seller Course. PLEASE NOTE: Audio begins at 02:07. Whether you are a new or veteran writer, this course is intended to show you how to create and sell your books in boatloads. Click the play button to start watching the course.

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