Living on Purpose 2

So the women conference is over and it was a truly awesome event. I enjoyed every bit of it and the messages and take home thoughts were fresh and timeless. We started talking last week about living a life of purpose and the thoughts have not left me all week. As if to further fuel my thoughts, a friend gave me a document earlier in the week that asked that all-important-question, “who am I?” Finding the answer to this question is the way to identify our purpose.

Who am I? who are you? what makes me tick? what excites me or propels me? what motivates me? Am I here by chance or choice? Actually I do not know of anyone who is here on earth by choice, we were all born out of the choices made by other people; things over which we had no control, matters in which we were not consulted. We woke up one day and we were four or five years old and we had a million questions to ask!. I remember when my youngest child was about four years old, being the precocious child he was he had asked nearly all the questions that kids his age would usually ask, and the he hit on the big one; “Mummy where did I come from? or something along those lines, and I told him, how he used to live in my body until one day Jesus brought him out. I felt good telling him that and I expected a big smile and maybe even a hug, you can imagine my shock when he reacted almost violently, with a shout, “who told Jesus to bring me out? why did he not let me stay there? Then he started crying and lamenting how much he would have preferred to remain in me. Funny now that I recall it but at that time I had a management crisis on my hands. I had to gently explain to him how important it was for him to come out of my “belly” and live in the real world.

Why do I share this story? It shows that we actually begin searching for purpose at that early age. That is when the divine nature in us begins to yearn to understand what life is all about. But do we discover it then? Not at all! Only very few people discover purpose that early in life> Most people stumble through life without ever finding the reason for which they were created. Like I shared in my last post, never confuse purpose with success or you would be missing it completely. Purpose is not the same as financial endowment either. If you discover purpose early in life, you are indeed blessed beyond measure but discovering purpose late in life is not necessarily a disadvantage either. Noah was over three hundred years old when he began to build the ark and as we know, that seems to have been his purpose in life-to build the ark and save creation. Abraham was seventy-five when he began the journey that led to his purpose-the birthing of Israel, God’s own nation. History is replete with stories of people who discovered purpose late in life but went ahead and made the impact they were born to make. Whenever or however you discover purpose is not always as important as what you do with the time before you discover your purpose. What are you doing in your journey to finding and fulfilling your purpose? Wherever you are right now, be faithful in it, give it your all. Frequently, purpose will come knocking while you are minding your business. In our next post we will talk a bit more about identifying your purpose.

To end today’s post, I want to celebrate a man who found his purpose and is following it. He spends his life loving people and giving away his heart. Join me to celebrate my friend and big brother and his family as they move halfway across the World this weekend in fulfilment of purposeImage

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