Living on purpose

I’m attending a women convention right now and I’m hearing some mind boggling stuff. Usually I find some of these conferences a bit boring and unrealistic, full of a lot of noise and empty excitement, but not this time. This time I’m thinking very deeply about the things I am hearing. I want to share one of such that is hitting me below the belt:

PURPOSE-defined as the intention, aim or function of a thing. I find myself wondering if I am living my aim or function for which I was created? I am a woman, created to marry, have children, and make a home; or is there more? And if there is, what is it? We frequently confuse success with purpose and vice versa but is it really? Can you succeed living a life different from what you were created to do? And what is success anyway?

If a man was created to be a carpenter and he winds up as a bricklayer and becomes successful at it and makes the best bricks ever, does that make him a real success? Does the fact of his apparent success change the fact that he was created to be a carpenter? There are a lot of critical factors to be considered in this discussion and it cannot be covered all at once. Purpose is different from apparent success and the fact that someone succeeds at something should not be taken as an indication of fulfilled purpose. We have a lot of successful people walking around today with a lot of success in different areas of life but with huge gaping holes in their hearts where satisfaction should dwell. A very successful accountant who would rather have played professional football, a good nurse who wishes they had been able to study medicine and feels a little frustration inside which they try to suppress, and the list is endless.

The truth is, nothing can satisfy purpose except purpose. Every human being is genetically wired to do something(s) and if that thing is not done, there is always a sense of emptiness deep down in the soul, regardless of how successful that person may be in other areas of life…to be continued

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