Maero say she be 50 years!


This girl wey be d sister of my friends and school mates say she be fifty years! I still dey try to tink how she manage be fifty? She fine no be small! And as she fine na so her brain sef sharp like new cutlass wey dem wan take cut grass, the type wey Isoko people dey take do ‘tolopia’.  Her finger be like say dem get eye sef, becos as she dey write oyinbo ehn, e no get pair!. She dey write like say dikshonari dey for her head but no be d kain yeye oyinbo wey all dose over sabi politishans dey write o! ehen, her own dey different. d babe dey kampe, no be small ting. Na she be d correct ‘authentic’, she no be gbewuan at all!. She dey carry bodi like person wey dem born well, dem come train am well sef. She no dey take her bodi do supermarket abi na taxi sef? She no dey use men as ATM machine but she dey work like say she be man! Chai, dis girl try no be small, but the ting wey dey make me scratch head na say she be fifty, dat is to say, she senior me, but as she take young pass me, I no just understand!

Sister, dis one na to take salote you o! You big pass me but no shaking, you be correet senior. As you dey show us road, na so God sef, go dey open the road for you more and more. Mosquito no go bite you, cockrosh no go near your kishin, bad people no go see your face. Your pikin go marry beta man come carry you go america! As you fine for face and for head, na so God go dey make you fine for every part of your bodi.

Na wafi hailings I wan take salote you for dis big day wey we reash so, I dey jhoin you to tank God.

You be better person, your own no go pass you! Make shakara!Image


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