Maintain Your Lane

A few days ago a driver scratched my car; very badly, but his car was older and more fragile so it was more damaged.

In anger he drove ahead of me and blocked my car, alighted angrily and came to pour a lot of saliva on me. I tried to let him know he was at fault; I had maintained the same lane for several kilometres and he, on the other hand, was one of those lane switchers. My explanation was lost on him and after a few minutes I gave up.

He ranted for a while more before getting back into his car. I sighed in frustration.

One of the many things wrong with our society is lane switching. We are driving down the highway and rather than maintain our lane for as long as possible, we switch and swerve all over the place. And that leads to traffic jams and scratched vehicles and frayed nerves…sometimes even fisticuffs!

So why don’t we just maintain a lane on the highway like people do in other climes?

A man starts out selling rice and sees his neighbour producing liquid soap; he abandons the rice and switches lane to produce soap. A few months later he is selling firewood at the street corner. Before you know it he has printed business cards and he tells you he is now a general contractor! No training in anything, no apprenticeship, therefore no expertise!

Lane switchers. The bane of our society.

My friend, and soul sister Swat Kasham, of Swatiris studios posted a video on her Facebook wall a few days back and she mentioned that her “work may not cure cancer but…”

I smiled. Swat may not cure cancer with her photography but she sure can make a sick person happy with her beautiful images. If she jumps from photography to Nursing who will capture those lovely images?

Everybody has a role to play in society. Just like every lane on the highway leads to a destination. If we would only maintain our lane and focus in driving in a straight line, we would get to our destination faster…and perhaps there would be fewer accidents?

Just maintain your lane..



2 thoughts on “Maintain Your Lane”

  1. Xoliswa Skomolo

    I hear you but the bigger culprit is the municipalities/whoever should be responsible, for not painting the road to divide the lanes as I see in the photo you have used. I guess on a road with 3 to 4 lanes, it should be difficult to precisely estimate the boundaries of each lane.

    1. I agree. The municipalities are largely irresponsible. But even where the roads are clearly marked our impatience causes us to swing from lane to lane, all in a bid to get ahead quicker. And it’s the same attitude we bring to most other things..thanks for stopping by Mommy.

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