Motivation or Validation?

Today is Monday. So, Monday motivation right? Or wrong. Maybe.

I read somewhere that motivation does not last and that is why we need it often.


How much motivation do we need? and from where? who? what?
Every Monday I come online, I see one wanna-be celebrity or the other giving pep talks and doing “motivation Monday.”
I see posts and memes that do nothing but attempt to positively inspire you to do this, be that, go there, etc.

let me tell you a small story..

This morning I went for my walk by the lake and I was feeling really good with myself, like I always do. Then I met an old colleague and his wife. I see this colleague/friend all the time. Like me, he is a regular park user and we stop to chat whenever we meet, and I always ask after his wife. Imagine my delight this morning when I saw her. She looked just as pleased to see me after about twenty years! Then she said:
“You are so fat! you have really grown fat, how did you get this fat?”

on and on she went about my fat body; I could only smile and agree with her that I had indeed put on a lot of weight. I tried to excuse it but I knew she was right. When this lady knew me, I weighed about 50KG, today I am dreaming of dropping to below 80KG!
She was not positive, she was truthful. She made no attempt to make me feel good, she just stated the facts, in a friendly, non-malicious way but hard truth nonetheless.
Thanks to her, I added another kilometre to my planned walk!

What’s the point of my story?
Sometimes we act like we want motivation when what we are really looking for is validation. We just want someone to say something to make us feel good about ourselves, when what we really need is a hard truth to get us moving towards our goals.
There’s a character named Jethro in the Bible, he was Moses’Father-in-law. One day he came visiting and after observing bigman Moses for a few hours, he told him, “the thing you are doing is not good…” straight up straight talk. No pussyfooting around trying to make Moses feel good. He told him, “hey, your leadership style stinks and you need to change it, otherwise, you’ll mess up everything and everyone!”

Moses changed and management through the ages is better for it.

This week, don’t just seek the feel-good type of motivation, search for some hard truths and run with it. Feel good is good but can you count how many times your feelings have led you into trouble?

Have a great week regardless



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