My first valentine…

Last night I read an FB post by my friend George, and it set me thinking about that first valentine twenty-one years ago. Our love was just a few weeks old, I had been chased relentlessly by this man for close to a year and he had finally broken down my defenses, (not my type, from my end of the country and I didn’t want my people, not dark enough, blablabla!) He had refused to give up and stayed around long enough to learn the trick that did the magic (books, books and more books). So here was I facing valentine with this man that had pursued me for so long and I was wondering what it would be.

He was a banker with very little free time and I was not expecting lunch or dinner; he had just bought me some big fat juicy novels, so I wasn’t looking forward to that either, so what was it going to be? The day came, and a knock came on the door of the flat I shared with two other friends. My friend looked at me and I needed no one to tell me that knock was for me. I was the only one whose boyfriend visited at 6:30am to say “hello” before rushing off to work at 7am. I went to the door with a pounding heart, opened the door and smiled shyly; he wouldn’t come in beyond the plant-filled entry way. “I just came to say happy valentine”, and he thrust a big shopping bag into my hands and turned round to go away. I looked at the bag and raised my head to say “thank you” but he was already pounding down the stairs. I shook my head and went back into my room to investigate the my goody bag, one huge teddy bear, several cards in various sizes, a souvenir, and some other things I shall not mention! I brought them out one by one one and wondered what I was going to do with this man?

I knew there was no going back; this one was here to stay. Valentine was real after all and I had found mine. I lay back down clutching my teddy bear tightly and smiling to myself. My friends teased me to no end at how I almost missed this one with all my posturing in the last twelve months; I wasn’t listening to them. I was dreaming of all the valentine days ahead of me with the man who had just given me my first first real “valentine”.

Happy Valentine’s day my love! We’ll do it all over again!


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