Nigeria @55. 55 Nigerians I admire. 5. Panam Percy Paul

So today we continue with our series on Nigerians that are worthy of respect and admiration. And it is beginning to look like this series may run till the end of the year with life getting in the way so often.

I have made up this list primarily because that there are still men and women in our society who have kept faith in and with Nigeria. These people, some dead some living with us, some in the public space, others quietly doing their thing out of public glare have shown to me and to those around them that Nigeria is not a failed state. If we emulated these people and the thousands like them out there we’d have a society we could all be proud of.

Number five on my list is Dr. Panam Percy Paul. This man is an icon in every sense of the word; Gospel musician like none other in our nation. He has written so many songs I’m not even sure he can remember how many. He has mentored so many artistes that if he wanted to he would fill a town with his protégés. Dr. Panam has been singing for well over forty years and he has been consistent with his message of hope, love, peace and the worship of the Father. Unlike so many in the music industry he has remained focused and refused to fall to the temptation of singing just for the money.

Something amazing about Dr. Panam is his love for education; the man has more than six degrees and three of them are Doctorates! Unlike so many Nigerian celebrities who acquire honorary doctorate degrees and flaunt, Dr. Panam has PHDs in Philosophy, Sound and in Music. He is an accomplished father, husband and Pastor. “Daddy Panam” as he is fondly called is definitely a man worth his onions in more areas than one. Meeting this icon has been one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. Dr. Bakulipanam Percy Paul Mokungah is definitely one Nigerian I respect and admire.

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