Nigeria@55: 55 Nigerians that I respect 2. Sadiq Daba

If you have never heard of Sadiq Daba, then you are one of two things:

  1. Not a Nigerian
  2. Not a day over 30 years old.

Sadiq Daba is an actor of actors. He is best remembered for his role in one of Nigeria’s longest running television drama series-“Cock Crow at Dawn” He played the role of Bitrus in the series and was a TV viewer’s delight. His next big role for which I admire and respect him was as co-presenter with Yinka Craig of blessed memory. Again it was on the Nigeria Television Authority. They co-anchored a show known as AM Express.

Daba is a professional in every sense of the word; his delivery is impeccable and his understanding and interpretation of roles is almost unparalleled. He has this uncanny ability of taking you with him right into the set and making you believe you are a part of whatever is going on. Obviously, he takes his craft seriously. His diction is good and it is clear he knows the value of the English language as a channel of communication. I have always had a lot of respect for professionals who treat their craft with dignity.Sadiq Daba embodies everything I respect in a true professional.

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