Of containers and their contents: my deep freezer and I.

Amazing the number of things we take for granted in our daily lives isn’t it? So here am I thinking about my deep freezer and its contents and the vital role it plays in my life. First some background on this most important of containers; I’ve had several in the past twenty odd years. Most have been given away to a more needy person after years of faithful service and I think I may have sold one or two in the past, but at every turn in my adult life I have had a deep freezer or a freezer of some sort-  I recall that for about seven years I had a standing freezer with drawers that served me faithfully well.
So what exactly makes this container so special? My freezer is an enclosed box with clean surface and two handles on the door, it is all white and cool to the touch and at first glance it looks like a giant box with a surface that should be used for cutting and trimming. But my freezer is a lifesaving box! Inside it are the secrets to a happy kitchen and a more efficient me. Inside of my freezer is a story, hardly ever told in public of who I am; bowls and bags of soups, stews and sauces. Packs of beef, fish, poultry, goat meat, half-eaten bowls of food, leftovers, vegetables and a myriad ingredients that make my life as a working mother more bearable
The freezer has rescued me on many a tired night when I couldn’t begin to plan dinner if my life depended on it, just dig into its bowels of mercy and warm the first thing that catches my tired fancy; so yes, my freezer is not just any other container, it is special. It helps me in ways you cannot even imagine. Thanks to my freezer I can write more, sleep earlier, rise later, plan better and be a more loving wife and mother. I salute my freezer! Suddenly I realize it is more than just another container in my home and today I honour all freezers around the world, they are the unsung heroes in many-a-kitchen. Today I name this container, ‘my wonder box!


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