Reading for the Reader

I just started a long-awaited vacation today, and boy am I glad! I’ve been looking forward to this break for weeks. I had a lot of plans to travel and rest and visit people but I’m not too sure how much of that I’ll be doing. For several reasons. Top on the list of course is the contents or rather, non-contents of my bank account. I could have and should have saved for my holiday but I did not, so here am I envying those who did. Sigh!
Anyway, it is still going to be a blast and I can feel it in my bones. In fact it has started out very well. Today, I effectively began my ‘reading for the reader programme’. It is a training I put together to get people interested in reading and to help them appreciate reading as an art form. This programme was developed to help revive the reading culture which is all but dead in our country. If you want children to read, then you must get the adults to read. The parents must read and the teachers must read.
We must recognize and accept that reading is essential, nay, critical to our success. We have almost succeeded in breeding a generation of functional illiterates and the trend must be reversed and quickly too. Social media has not helped but it must not be  blamed for the problem. We watched it happen, and it is our responsibility to halt illiteracy in its tracks. Reading is fun and reading for fun should be encouraged at all levels.


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