Rescue Ladies-Book Review

I finally got round to reading the book by the title above.

Actually I read it awhile back but blogging has been very low on my To-Do list for sometime now.

I was not quite sure what to expect when I saw the book and I confess, I bought it out of politeness. But I had bought it, and it was just sitting there in my iPad, and every time I scrolled past, it would give me the side eye. So I picked it up and started reading. it started as a chore; then it quickly developed into a page-turner. It had me carrying my iPad everywhere and staying longer than necessary in the little room.

Rescue Ladies treats a very important phenomenon in our society-one that is often ignored, the issue of university girls and sugar Daddies. It treats a lot of issues too but if I told you all about it you would not want to read the book.

All I can tell you is that Rescue ladies is a very good read. The author, Olubunmi Mabel, obviously did her research well and she writes great dialogue too. Dialogue is my second biggest headache as a writer-punctuation is the biggest- and this young lady handles both like a pro.

I will definitely be watching out for her next book.

The book is only available in ebook format for now, which is a smart way of marketing I must say.

How to get a copy? Look for Olubunmi Mabel on Facebook and place an order. It arrives promptly. My rating? 7/10!



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