Sunday book review: Promises on Sand

I’m no poet. I do not deceive myself that I am Rupi Kaur. I am not. But I love poetry. Sometimes, I dabble into poetry; a few lines here, a few lines there.

So when I see a poet who is focused and passionate about their poetry, I sit up and take notice.

I saw such a one recently.

Her name is Amina Aboje. She is a poet; and her collection of poetry is a poetry lovers’ delight any day.

I got a copy of her book, Promises on Sand, a few weeks back and my poetry life has never been the same.

The book contains a rich and varied collection of poems on every contemporary subject you can think of.

Promises on sand is not a book you read and discard, it is a book that takes pride of place on your bookshelf so that you can whip it out often and refresh yourself.

Amina takes us through love notes, political discussions, dealing with grief, social issues, etc.

This is Amina’s first book but I can already tell it will not be her last!

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