The grey hair thing

I think I have an obsession with grey hair- mine, that is. I spotted my first grey in my mid thirties and I felt such a sense of awe mixed with something I cannot name. Finally I was grey! Since then I have carefully watched for every strand of grey and lovingly noted its birth with a quiet sense of satisfaction.

But the fascination with the greys did not start with me; no, it started with my mother. She must have started going grey early too because for as long as I remember she was grey haired. She had thick luxuriant hair, generously sprinkled with grey, so much so that I had a firm belief that Mama was born grey.

In her fascination she would sit down in a comfortable place and call whoever was fortunate enough to be close by to come pull out the greys. We would pluck out grey after grey while she dozed intermittently. You would say something expecting a reply, and then realize she had dozed off! Sometimes, on a very good day, she would tell a story of something or the other while you plucked away, or she would break into song for a few minutes, and then the sleep would come again, and the head would nod its way down away from you in a mild protest at being plucked and pulled.
Mama enjoyed this ritual to no end and I used to secretly wish I had my own greys then so I could sit down and have someone pull and pluck while I dozed. Now my turn has come and television and Internet won’t let them pull and pluck for me!

Rest Mama, rest. You’ve earned it!

2 thoughts on “The grey hair thing”

  1. Cecilia Onuiri

    Ahh Elsie now I know… I never knew you specialised in English. You are such an amazing writer! I love to listen to you speaking and you also write so well. I wish I could write like you. When I was reading this article, I was reminded that I had the same experience with my mom. Keep up with your fantastic works! — Aunty Cecilia Onuiri

    1. Thank you so much for kind comments Aunty! Yes, I write a lot! And pray to write even more God willing. And you are an amazing writer too Ma. Have you seen any of my books for young children?

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