The hardest thing to do is wait..

Waiting is hard. Or is it?

Waiting to find a man or be found. Waiting to get married, waiting to have the baby, waiting to wean him off breastmilk, waiting for his first word, his first word, the first steps. Waiting, waiting..

Waiting for his first day of school, and then for him to be done with school..

You get the picture?

Always waiting for something or someone. We are always either coming out of a waiting situation, or waiting to go into the next.

Waiting ad infinitum. Sometimes, when we really think about it, life is a series of waits.

But waiting is hard..yeah, I know the Bible says that those that wait upon the LORD shall mount up on wings like Eagles, etc, etc, but did you ever think to stop Mr. or Mrs. Eagle and ask them about their life? Imagine this with me:

“Hi Mr. Eagle, I like your new feathers; I bet you enjoyed the long wait for it to grow back after the plucking! So how soon are you going back for another round of waiting for feathers?”

I’m sure the eagle would look at you as if you have lost your mind!

“Did you say, enjoy?” He would ask in his eaglely voice. “Whoever said anything about enjoying the wait? How do you suppose anyone enjoys waiting?”

And then I imagine Mr. Eagle would flap his wings and take off into the sky and leave you feeling foolish.

Waiting is an essential part of life. Sometimes we know why we wait and then it’s easy because we have an expectation. Other times we feel frustrated because there’s no reasonable explanation for the wait but still we wait.

People look at us and wonder why we are waiting and we have nothing to say to them, but wait we must.

The end is in sight but then something happens and life asks us to wait, so we wait.

Waiting has never been an easy thing; if you doubt me, ask the Israelites who had to wait before entering the promised land. But we must wait when life says we should. But what to do while wait? That is a story for another day!

I’m in the waiting room of life right now and some part of me wishes it could see beyond the now into tomorrow but I know that won’t happen. I wish I could blink and have it over and done with but…

“Wait on the LORD;

Be of good courage,

And He shall strengthen your heart;

Wait, I say, on the LORD! Psalm 27:14

I’m waiting…

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