The Lesser sin

I was in a friend’s office today. A male friend, and I needed to empty my bladder. I asked and he showed me the bathroom. As I closed the door behind me, I reflected on how easy it had been for me to ask for the use of his facility and I realized why. It was because I wanted to empty my bladder, not my bowels. I was doing the acceptable. I had no need to feel shy.

And that got me thinking.

Why should it matter what I was doing so long as I was behind closed doors? Isn’t one action as natural and as involuntary as the other? I know that if I had needed to empty my bowels I would have preferred to suffer in silence than ask to use his bathroom. Because the other thing is undignified and therefore unacceptable. It is unthinkable in the public space, moreso for a lady.

That is how we are wired as human beings. Some sins are less weighty than others so we don’t mind who knows that we are committing a sin. We falsify our age because it’s no big deal. White lies, purple lies, brown lies, we commit all. No guilt, no remorse. we are upset at the person who steals public funds.  Or kidnaps a child. Or commits rape. Don’t even go there! We are not evil like them! All we did was tell a little lie..

But does it really matter what we do in the toilet? What difference does it make to the toilet that must bear our weight and flush our waste? Is there a big sin and a small sin? If I lie to my child, how am I different from the government official that lies to the populace?

It bears thinking about.

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