The Perfect Temperature.


I have a special relationship with the air-conditioning unit in my office. It is the type known as a split unit air-conditioner. It is very efficient but somehow we never seem to get along properly. It is not the fault of the thing; it is not my fault either. We both try to mind our individual businesses but somehow we keep falling out with each other.

Here’s the problem. This piece of equipment was installed for my comfort. It sucks the hot air in the room, cycles it through some sort of cooling ‘whatever’ and then it pushes the cooled air back into the room to make me comfortable. And therein lies my challenge. Without this piece of equipment in my office, life gets very uncomfortable, I sweat uncontrollably, I become irritable and unable to focus on my work. But when it is working at full capacity I feel like I am freezing; I begin to shiver and sneeze and I grab my jacket to cover up, but then my limbs below the table feel cold and I have nothing to cover up my legs with

So what do I do? I grab another little piece of equipment that comes with the air-conditioning unit, the remote control, and I search and search for warmer temperature but then within a few minutes I’m hot again and I need to turn it down. And so we keep doing battle up and down and up again, ad infinitum all day long!

It gets a little more interesting. I share an office with two other people, one of them likes it cold and the other likes it hot and I’m forced to be in-between. So when one is person wants it to be hot, I sweat, when the other insists on cold, I shiver. And when I am all alone in the office as sometimes happens I grab the remote and scroll for the perfect temperature!

Have I found it? Not at all; but the buttons go from 18-30 and somewhere in between those two numbers is the perfect temperature, and I’m going to find it one day.

So it is with life. We are searching for perfection in one area or the other. We know it exists so we keep searching. Sometimes we go up, other times we come down. Very frequently our search is interrupted by other people who want it hot or cold. They need our attention, we get distracted, life happens, and very frequently too. But then again, we get the opportunity to keep searching and we quickly grab the remote control that holds our perfection and we begin to scroll up or down. Will we ever find it? I do not know but giving up is not an option. And you know why?

  • If you give up you become mediocre
  • You end up in obscurity
  • You live a life of displeasure
  • You watch others move on while you sit there
  • If you give up you become like a child’s drawing on the beach sand, the breeze blows and it is wiped away

I don’t know if I will ever find that perfect temperature but while I search I will gain an understanding of how it feels to be hot and uncomfortable so I can empathise with those less fortunate. While I search I will experience the cold of those who cannot get warmth and are in need of my prayers. I will climb from 18-30 and back down again. I will bloom, I will blossom and I will live. Somewhere, there is the perfect temperature


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