There is a song that is popular with young Sunday school kids. The lyrics go something like this:

Are you in the Lord’s army?

Yes Sir!

Are you in the Lord’s army?

Yes Sir!

I will never steal from my Mummy’s pot

Tell lies to Daddy

Fight in my neighbourhood;

I will never beat up my younger ones

I am in the Lord’s army

Yes Sir!

I have probably mixed up the lines somewhere but it doesn’t really matter. The most important line in that song is the opening line: Are you in the Lord’s army? And before you respond think for a minute? What is the army? The army is an institution set up to defend the territory of a nation. Its duties call for its members to be ready at all times to defend the nation and or its citizens from external aggression. Most armies engage in constant training and are usually in a state of preparedness; they do not wait until there’s a fight, they prepare and expect. It is a sorry army that would be found wanting on the day of battle. When the bugle sounds for the battle it is too late to practice the drill, it is time to move.

And in every army and for every battle, there are rules of engagement. No army goes to battle without preparing adequately; and no one enlists carelessly in an army. Even if you were conscripted, the army trains you to be battle ready.

When those youngsters sing their song they are making a vital mission statement. They, or whoever wrote the song, understand that this movement cannot be careless or casual. It is an army and carelessness leads to death. There are rules of engagement and by the lyrics of the song, the kids state it clearly. Everyone understands it and seeks to abide by it, to do otherwise will definitely call for “death” or injury.

This brings us to the man or woman that says he is a Christian. Christianity is an army; it is the army of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the army of Jehovah. It is not a casual institution and make no mistake, there are no casual soldiers. So ask yourself, “am I in the Lord’s army?” How did I enlist? Was I conscripted or was it voluntary? If you are in the Lord’s army you must submit yourself to training; you must cooperate with the rules of engagement. Soldiers don’t query the rules, at least true soldiers don’t. If you are in this army, there are no casual moments; for entertainment you do not go to the nightclub in a town faraway, no, you go to the mess. The mess is where soldiers hangout with other soldiers and get some soldierly fun. You keep to the rules, you suffer the drills and go back for more each and every single time.

So for a Christian soldier what are the Rules of Engagement? What exactly have you signed up for?

The first thing is that you go to church. I don’t get it when Christians do not want to go to Church because church isn’t fun! Fun? For a soldier? Fun is for bloody civilians! We soldiers do not do ‘fun’ we do discipline, we do purpose, we do focus, we do battles, we do the right thing and we win wars! And when if we must do fun we go to the mess. Soldier of Christ get up and go to church. It is one of the fundamental rules of engagement!

The second thing which is on the same level as the first is that you read the Bible. If you are not reading your Bible, you are either not in the army or you will soon get into trouble…to be continued


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