Time Management or self management?

I woke up late today. And when I wake you late everything else gets done late😣

But I have learned over the years that there are somethings we can control in this life. Thankfully, our schedules generally fall into this category.

I rearranged my morning routine; moved my exercise up, moved some other activities back, rearranged breakfast prep and voila! I have my day back.

What happens to you when you wake up late? Or a scheduled meeting runs late? How do you rescue your time?

I came to the realization long ago that we don’t really manage time; we manage ourselves within the time available. Everyone has the same 24 hours, the difference between the high achiever and the one who never seems to cope is what goes into their individual 24 hours.

Routines are a great way to live. A routine gives you control, helps you stay focused and makes it easy to manage yourself within the time available to you, and routines definitely help you to achieve more of your goals.

Last week I shared my routine with someone and the person screamed in disbelief. I just laughed. I’m a person of routines and I don’t intend to change soon.

Develop a success routine. Develop a daily, weekly routine, something measurable. That way you know when you are moving in the direction of your goals, and you know when you need to make adjustments.

Do you see the sun? It’s success is directly tied to it’s unwavering routine.

You want to shine everyday? 😜 Then be like the Sun.


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