Time to move forward

” To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life is a collection of changes; some big, some small. We all change. In our bodies, careers, beliefs, whatever. We change. Some of these changes are so insignificant, we don’t notice them happening. For instance, at some point in my life I had 32 strong and healthy teeth and I enjoyed chocolates and ice cream. Changes were going on in my mouth and I didn’t notice until pain woke me up and bam! Three teeth gone in one week and now I manage toothache. Chocolates are no longer as attractive as carrots and ice cream is a truly avoidable luxury! 

Some of the changes do not cause pain as above; some are quite exciting and life-changing like the changes I have been making in the past few years. Writing, writing and writing even more. Now I’m moving further and making more changes and what better place to announce what’s next?

It’s that season again; more books, for your kids, for you, for a friend. The plan was to make this an annual event but as we always say, Life happens, and this is for now. This is the time, the season for this purpose, under this heaven. Several books, same author, same day, same season, same grace. Bigger fears, even bigger courage, for you see, courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to move on in spite of your fears. And so I can say, I am moving on in excitement, taking my fear and using it as a springboard for the next big leap.

It’s time to move forward. Join me will you? Change something, cooperate with change, use change, advance, progress, overcome. Big, small, fearful or not, failure or not. Move anyway, anyhow. I did, I am doing, so can you!


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