Clarifying The Vision

Stories, oral or written are powerful mediums for passing messages. The keyword is messages; before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you need to ask yourself the following questions

1. What do I really want to say? What is my message?

2. Why do I want to say it?

3. To whom am I saying it or writing it?

4. What is my medium? (less important for now)

So what is the goal of my writing? What is the purpose? I wrote a book titled Gold River; my aim was to highlight some issues that plague women and girls in African societies. I observed that there were certain things women bore and it bothered me, and I felt I needed to contribute to the discussion in some way. My purpose for the book was for it to be a conversation starter, something people would read and query the status quo, for instance I wrote about domestic violence, using the medium of short stories to highlight the issue.

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