What A Woman Needs In A Man continued.

So, there has to be more than just looks? The man has to know how to wear his looks and show there’s more to him than meets the eye? So could it be in the wallet?

This is the point at which several of my readers will disagree with me. A woman does not need Adnan Kashogi to make her happy. A man could be a pauper and still be very happily married if he understands leadership. A good leader is one who has a clear vision, is on a mission and knows how to communicate that vision to a follower. A man with a good plan will “catch” and “keep” a good woman any day. Whether a man is rich or poor, he should be able to carry his wife along and address whatever concerns she may have about their financial security. A man should be seen to be working his plan and not just talking about it. His life’s dream may be to own a housing Estate, but his present position may be that of a bricklayer; if he is a good leader, the woman will support him to actualize his dream. I’ve had young men complain to me that all the women want is a man with a fat wallet, well, have you ever really sat down and wondered why?

A woman wants to know that you have a proper plan for your life and you are sufficiently motivated in yourself to work that plan. She doesn’t want to be one to feed you and the family, pay the rent, pay school fees and generally “wear the trousers” in the house. And you shouldn’t want that either! If she has more money than you, you should win her trust and confidence and make her understand fully that the situation is temporary. Even where the situation is permanent, do all you can to earn sufficient to show that you are not dependent on her. Be self assured enough to provide the support she may need.

The Queen of England is, without a doubt, richer than her husband, but I doubt if the man has ever felt inferior to her. There are scores of men who are married to richer women, and happily so. The size of the man’s wallet does not determine the happiness in the home. No man, born of a woman should be intimidated by what a woman has or by what she demands. If you are the leader of yourself and your pocket, the woman will follow you. On a final note, if you are not a leader and you rely on your wallet, you would only be paying for what your mates are getting for free!

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